Exclusive – Missouri Conservative Senator Josh Hawley in the field of crowded flammable candidates competing for Republican Senate nomination in the 2022 race to successfully retire Republican Senator Rob Portman in Ohio We support venture capitalist and best-selling writer JD Vance. The first approval shared with Fox News on Tuesday is Holy’s first in the 2022 election cycle in the open Republican Senate nomination race. “We are proud to support JD Vance in the Ohio Senate. JD is well aware of the devastating reality our country is facing. Especially in Ohio, we are plagued by addiction. Family members are stacking cards and the entire town continues to plummet. JD fights Regain solid manufacturing due to tighter restrictions on the southern border, putting the needs of our own American citizens first “I will,” Hurley said in a statement. Ohio’s Republican primaries will be bigger and more expensive as JD Vance participates in the race “JD is the only one in front of corruption in our technology industry,” said the first Senator, former Missouri Attorney General, and an ally of former President Donald Trump, who hopes for the potential of the Republican White House in 2024. Candidate. He will crack down on Big Tech succumbing to China, stand up for American workers, and put our country back on track for prosperity and opportunity. “ Vance, who lives in Cincinnati, grew up in a struggling steelworks town and had roots in Kentucky, Appalachian. Collected. movie. Vance, who announced his candidacy in early July, is the first candidate, but he considered the 2018 Republican challenge to Democratic Senator Sherrod Brown before deciding to oppose the implementation. “I’m honored to have Josh’s support. No one in the US Senate has fought so vigorously with the Big Tech monopoly who censors conservatives and controls the flow of information in our country. Josh said, “The interests and values ​​of American workers and their families.” NOEM Supports Timken in Ohio Republican Senate Primary Vance is one of ten candidates competing for the nomination of the Republican Senate next year in Ohio. This area also includes former Ohio Treasurer and former Senator candidate Josh Mandel. Former Ohio GOP Chairman Jane Timken. Bernie Moreno, a Cleveland businessman and luxury car dealership giant. And 2018 Ohio Republican Senator candidate Mike Gibbons, Cleveland entrepreneur, real estate developer, investment banker. Longtime Congressman Mike Turner, who represents the state’s 10th Parliamentary District, and State Senator Mike Turner, whose family owns the Cleveland Indians of Major League Baseball, have taken a step towards launching the campaign. Vance is supported by Protect Ohio Values, a super PAC formed earlier this year. PayPal co-founder and billionaire venture capitalist Peter Thiel made a big hit in March by donating $ 10 million in his money to fund the newly established Super PAC. I was surprised. Holi’s support for Vence follows other high-profile support in the Republican primary. In particular, there was Timken’s support by South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem last month. Libertarian-oriented senator and 2016 Republican presidential candidate, Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky, supports Gibbons. Utah’s conservative senator Mike Leigh is backing Mandel. Richard Grenell, who served as German ambassador during the administration of former President Trump and acted acting director of the United States, is supporting Moreno. And Jim Banks, an adjacent Indiana lawmaker, who chairs the conservative Republican Study Committee, supports Vance. All major candidates are vying for Trump’s support in the primary, but the former president remains neutral in the confrontation. The latest polls in the Republican nomination race suggest that Mandel is by far the best and Vance is steadily rising. Next year’s Republican primary winner could face long-time Democrat Tim Ryan in northeastern Ohio. Ryan, who declared his candidacy for the Senate in April, is considered a Democratic nomination favorite in key areas that are expected to be much smaller than the Republican’s large list of candidates. Former Consumer Financial Protection Bureau senior adviser and 2020 parliamentary candidate Progressive Morgan Harper announced her candidacy earlier this summer. Click here to get the Fox News app The US Senate is split 50-50 between the two parties, but the Democratic Party has a very thin majority due to the tie-breaking vote of Vice President Kamala Harris, who is the president of the Senate. This means that Republicans only need a one-seater pickup to regain the majority. However, the Republican Party will defend 20 of the 34 seats in 2022. In addition to Ohio, the GOP also defends vacancy on major battlefields in North Carolina and Pennsylvania, Missouri and Alabama.