If you are victim to online trading scams, there are several crucial steps to actually retrieving your funds.  This page outlines the general guidelines for a fund recovery process with the current reputable industry standards.  We will also enlighten you with some common fund recovery pitfalls, review several fund recovery companies, and give more tips and advice on fund recovery in general, so make sure to read to the end.



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    *to ensure a secure fund recovery process, ask as many questions as possible with any fund recovery firm you speak

    Fund Recovery Process Paperwork

    Gather these important documents
    • Contact Details: Email addresses, phone numbers, whatsapp and social media accounts used by the fraudsters
    • Communications with the fraudsters including emails, and any other messages
    • Bank statements, credit card statements, cryptocurrency transaction id's
    • Any official complaints you made to authorities and/or regulators - this will help you in the fund recovery process.

    Common Scams


    Bitcoin Forex & Options Scams

    For years forex and options scams have run rampant around the globe. Today these criminals are still operating with old and new tactics to lure in unknowing investors into shady schemes with empty promises. There are a dozen scams these real-life villains use including demanding a false "withdrawal-tax" (even though there are funds in the account to cover any taxes) and more. If you have fallen victim to bitcoin forex or options scams, file a complaint before its too late.


    Remote Desktop Scam

    Cyber criminals find victims who will unknowingly give access them direct access to control their computer in order to "help" them "invest". Obviously this whole back-story is all a sham, there is no investment and there is no help. The perpetrator then wires funds through the computer to the victims account in a crypto exchange, and subsequently send themselves cryptocurrency. You must file a claim if you want to recover your funds quickly. Time is of the essence in recovering these funds.


    Romance Investment Scams

    This is a very deceptive and hurtful scam where the perpetrators target people for romantic relationships, then refer the victim to a fraudulent investment company and after sending them money, both the broker and the partner disappear. We have seen a very large spike in complaints from this, and similar types of romance scams. File a complaint immediately if you have been attacked by the romance scam. When trying to recover funds, time is of the essence.

    Recent Fraud Complaints

    Spotting Fraudulent companies

    How to forsee who is a fraudster and who is not.

    In general you can usually spot a fraudulent company before you deal with them because they provide no name or address on their website or terms and conditions, or they use addresses in strange off-shore locations. Beware  fraud companies  also do use fake addresses to lure in victims. Ensure any company you deal with has the appropriate regulation in the jurisdiction they operate and that you are covered in your jurisdiction in that country. Generally speaking United States regulatory bodies are more active in prosecuting fraudsters than government and regulatory bodies in other parts of the world.

    • Were you contacted out of the blue?
    • Received a fishy email that turned into a conversation with a friendly but pushy salesman?
    • Did you follow a video promising riches asking for your personal details? Did ads follow you everywhere you look to join this website?
    • Have you been pushed into confusion, depositing large sums of money? It’s your right and duty to take back what's yours.

    Recover your money

    We have checked and vetted many recovery companies and have a short list of the best firms. When you file a complaint, they check their database if they can assist you and will contact you to explain the proceedings. Be very careful when speaking to recovery companies. Below are some tips when speaking to them to know if they are legitimate or not.

    Don't waste time, recovering funds is time sensitive. file a complaint now